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Bacteria in water pipelines can pose significant problems. Using anti-legionella filters prevents these bacteria from contaminating the water supply.

Fealter’s showerhead and faucet filters act as “first aid” filtration products in Legionella prevention. However, prevention is always better than cure. Seeking assurance that Legionella outbreaks won’t occur? Consider utilizing our Legionella filters.

Recreatie ShowerFilter Steriele

Recreatie ShowerFilter Steriele

Article number: 312157

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Medische ShowerFilter Steriele vervangende cartridge

Medische ShowerFilter Steriele vervangende cartridge

Article number: 312154

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Using membrane filtration


Also already contaminated water is filtered


Bacterial reduction of 99.9%

Fealter filter


We specialize in point-of-use filters crafted within our own production facility and subjected to rigorous testing. The cartridges needed for filtration can easily be replaced by yourself! Our showerheads, faucets, and water pipeline cartridges utilize micro-membrane filters. These membranes boast a density of 0.2 μm. They permit water molecules to pass through while employing ultrafiltration to effectively block fungi, Legionella, pseudomonas, and various other waterborne bacteria. This guarantees that the water flowing from your tap is devoid of harmful molds and bacteria.

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