Safe & tastefull drinking water

Do you know if your water at home is free from bacteria? Can you rely on it? With our membrane technology, we prevent 99.9999 percent of bacteria. This reduces the risk of illnesses caused by Legionella or molds, providing you with a safer environment


Why you might need filtration?

You may have a concerning medical condition, requiring utmost protection against bacteria and molds. Alternatively, the water supply in your area might be less reliable than desired. In such instances, our membrane filters allow clean water to pass while preventing harmful bacteria and molds. It’s a secure solution for peace of mind.

Eliminate the risk of contaminated water!

Water has to cover a long distance, from the water company to the point where you use it. In the process, water passes through a large number of pipes. Stagnation and warming in the pipeline system can lead to the growth of bacteria. These bacteria can increase the risk of illness.

We have developed point-of-use filters. We produce these in Harderwijk ourselves. They are manufactured and tested in our own production facility. Our showerheads, faucets, and water pipe filters utilize micro-membrane filters. The filters allow water molecules to pass through cleanly but, through ultrafiltration, prevent the passage of molds, legionella, pseudomonas, and other waterborne bacteria. This ensures that the water coming out of the tap is free from harmful bacteria.



Using membrane filtration


Also already contaminated water is filtered


Bacterial reduction of 99.9%