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In the realm of healthcare, where patient safety is top priority, integrating membrane filtration technology stands as a crucial stride forward. These systems serve a vital role in maintaining water purity for medical procedures and everyday care, significantly reducing infection risks and upholding impeccable hygiene standards. Hospitals and dental practices embracing membrane filtration not only prioritize patient safety but also affirm their unwavering dedication to ensuring the well-being of those in their care.

Why medical water

Infections pose an escalating concern for healthcare facilities. Don’t overlook the route of contamination through water. Exposure through this route primarily occurs during activities like showering or handwashing with contaminated tap water. Are you prioritizing safe water?

This contamination risk also extends to medical instruments utilizing water. Consider sterilizers or endoscope cleaners, which can contribute to the infection risk. Patients with compromised immunity, due to conditions or treatments, are particularly vulnerable.



Using membrane filtration


Also already contaminated water is filtered


Bacterial reduction of 99.9%