Ensure water safety for your guest!

You want your guests at your hotel, sports facility, pool, restaurant, or campground to enjoy their stay without the risk of encountering bacteria like Legionella or molds. Achieve this with our unique filtration technique.


Better safe than sorry

Being unable to serve your guests due to closure following a Legionella outbreak is a nightmare scenario. The last thing you want is for your guests to encounter a bacterium or mold during their stay. You can prevent this by installing our filters at crucial points, allowing clean water to pass while effectively blocking harmful bacteria and molds.

Outbreak managment

In the event of an outbreak caused by waterborne bacteria like Legionella, our filters in faucets and showerheads act as a barrier, keeping the danger at bay. By installing these, your operations can continue without incurring additional costs, even during a temporary setback. Moreover, this allows you time to resolve the situation and restore your water pipelines without disrupting business operations.



Using membrane filtration


Also already contaminated water is filtered


Bacterial reduction of 99.9%