Hospital acquired infection is a growing issue of concern to hospitals and clinics and the waterborne route tends to be overlooked. Exposure mainly occurs while showering or hand washing with contaminated tap water. Also, water-using equipment such as sterilizers and decontamination washers may contribute to the infection risk. Immunocompromised patients, through drug therapy or medical condition, are particularly at risk. Legionella is the most known bacteria, but there are many others including pseudomonas & fungi. Generally, membrane filtration is considered to be the safest, most affordable and sustainable option to minimize the risk of exposure in high-risk hospital areas. At Fealter, we offer a full range of filtration products for situations where extensive protection is necessary.


Commercial buildings such as sport facilities, hotels and institutional buildings such as nursery and elderly homes and prisons can suddenly be struck by legionella outbreaks. What you need in such as case is time to overcome this situation and bring your water distribution up to standard again. At Fealter, we offer a range of ‘first-aid’ filtration products in case of Legionella outbreaks or in cases when extensive protection for your guests is necessary.


Dental chair units (DCU’s) use water to cool and irrigate DCU-supplied instruments and tooth surfaces, and provide rinse water during dental treatment. A complex network of interconnected plastic dental unit waterlines (DUWLs) supply water to these instruments. DUWLs are universally prone to microbial biofilm contamination originating from microorganisms in supply water and retrograde contamination from the instruments.

Consequently, DUWL output water invariably becomes contaminated by high densities of pathogenic microorganisms. Patients and staff may be exposed to microorganisms from DUWL output water and to contaminated aerosols generated by DCU instruments. At Fealter, we offer a total concept for DUWL control: membrane filters for supply water treatment and chemical cleaning for long-term biofilm control.

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