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Our membrane filters cater to a diverse spectrum of needs, targeting key sectors including healthcare facilities, recreational businesses, and individual households.

For healthcare institutions striving for uncompromised water quality in patient care, our filters offer a robust solution, mitigating the risk of waterborne contaminants and ensuring a safe environment.

In the realm of recreational enterprises such as resorts, spas, and fitness centers, where water purity is paramount for guest satisfaction, our filters provide a reliable means to uphold hygiene standards and elevate the customer experience.

Moreover, within the confines of your own home, our membrane filters offer peace of mind, safeguarding your household water supply from potentially harmful microorganisms, making everyday usage safer for you and your family.

About medical


Hospital acquired infection is a growing issue of concern to hospitals and clinics and the waterborne route tends to be overlooked.

About drinkwater
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Do you know if your water at home is free from bacteria? Can you rely on it? With our membrane technology, we prevent 99.9999 percent of bacteria. This reduces the risk of illnesses caused by Legionella or molds, providing you with a safer environment

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