Fealter filter

How does it work?

Water has to travel a long way—from the water supply company to the point where you use it. Along this journey, water passes through a vast network of pipelines. Stagnation and warming within this pipeline system can lead to bacterial growth. These bacteria can increase the risk of infection diseases.

We develop point-of-use filters. These are manufactured and 100% tested in our own production facility. Our showerheads, faucets, and water pipeline filters utilize microfiltration membrane filters. The membranes have a pore size of maximum 0.2 μm. The filters allow water molecules to pass through but retain fungi, legionella, pseudomonas, and other waterborne bacteria. This ensures that water coming from the tap is free from harmful fungi and bacteria.

What do the
filters do?

You can easily connect the filters to existing faucets and showers. Replace existing showerheads with new ones equipped with a replaceable cartridge filter. These filters reduce the number of bacteria by 99.9999 percent (log 7). In practical terms, this means no bacteria pass through the filter.

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Membrane filtration

What is a membrane? A membrane is a thin, flat structure that separates two spaces. It allows desired components (like water) to pass while blocking undesired elements (like bacteria). Biological membranes form a crucial foundation of life. For instance, cells are surrounded by a cell membrane to contain molecules needed by a cell and segregate them from the outside world. Man-made membranes are a vital component in many purification systems, including desalination, water purification, beer filtration, gas separation, and hemodialysis. Fealter applies hollow fiber membranes in a unique helically wound way. Each filter cartridge is individually integrity tested to be sure we can meet our bacteria retention claims.


Who are the
filters for?

Our membrane filters cater to a diverse spectrum of needs, targeting key sectors including healthcare facilities, recreational businesses, and individual households.

For healthcare institutions striving for uncompromised water quality in patient care, our filters offer a robust solution, mitigating the risk of waterborne contaminants and ensuring a safe environment.

In the realm of recreational enterprises such as resorts, spas, and fitness centers, where water purity is paramount for guest satisfaction, our filters provide a reliable means to uphold hygiene standards and elevate the customer experience.

Moreover, within the confines of your own home, our membrane filters offer peace of mind, safeguarding your household water supply from potentially harmful microorganisms, making everyday usage safer for you and your family.