About us

Fealter, intensive care for your water. Your water supply, even though it is purified in a water plant, will always contain a certain level of bacteria and other particles/contaminants once it enters your facility. These have the common ability to anchor themselves to the internal surface of the water distribution system of your building and water-using equipment. This is commonly known as biofilm and once there it is very hard to eradicate. Waterborne pathogenic micro-organism lives in and may be released from this biofilm and consequently represent an infectious risk to your patients, guests and staff.



At Fealter, we care for your water. We supply a product range of filtration and cleaning products that help you reduce waterborne infection risk issues. Medical Water Filters for hospital and hospitality settings and a filtration concept for Dental Units. We specialize in point-of-use filtration, but we offer point-of-entry solutions as well.



Fealter is a new company, but it does have some history to it. In 2002 the company Filtrix was founded with the purpose of developing small-scaled water filters based on membrane filtration. Soon after its start-up it was acquired by Norit, owner of X-Flow membrane company. Over the years, the focus moved to the medical market and its activities merged into the Pentair company, which by then had acquired that part of Norit.

Recently, it has been decided that the medical market is no longer part of the X-Flow core business. Although the membranes filters are still made in the X-Flow factory in the Netherlands, the filters are now manufactured by Fealter, serving as the perfect link between market and technology.