Healthcare hubs, leisure spots, and your home sanctuary—our filters cover them all. Keeping water safe in hospitals, enhancing purity where you relax, and securing your home—our solutions have you covered, wherever you are.

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In the realm of healthcare, where patient safety is top priority, integrating membrane filtration technology stands as a crucial stride forward.

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Hospitality & Sports

You want your guests at your hotel, sports facility, pool, restaurant, or campground to enjoy their stay without the risk of encountering bacteria like Legionella or molds. Achieve this with our unique filtration technique.

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Do you know if your water at home is free from bacteria? Can you rely on it? With our membrane technology, we ensure bacteria-free water. This reduces the risk of illnesses caused by E-coli or molds, providing you with a safer environment

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Fealter specializes in developing, producing, and selling products that ensure bacteria-free, safe water.

Why legionella filters?

Water travels a considerable distance from the water supply company to the point of use. It navigates through an extensive network of pipelines. Stagnation and warming within this pipeline system can foster bacterial growth, potentially increasing the risk of illness.



Using membrane filtration


Our point of use filters ensure safe drinking water


We ensure bacteria free water


Membrane filtration

A membrane is a thin, flat structure that separates two spaces, allowing desired components (like water) to pass through while blocking undesired elements (such as bacteria). Biological membranes form a crucial foundation of life. For instance, cells are enveloped by a cell membrane, retaining necessary molecules within the cell while segregating them from the external environment. Man-made membranes play a pivotal role in various purification systems, including desalination, water purification, beer filtration, gas separation, and hemodialysis. Membranes are manufactured in diverse forms: flat sheets, spiral-wound, capillary, and tubular. Separation through membranes necessitates concentration or pressure differentials.


When it comes to the type of water treatment system you choose for your facility– point-of-entry or point-of-use – it’s not about one being better than the other, but it is about the unique water requirements for your facility.

Fealter filter


We specialize in point-of-use filters crafted within our own production facility and subjected to rigorous testing. The cartridges needed for filtration can easily be replaced by yourself! Our showerheads, faucets, and water pipeline cartridges utilize micro-membrane filters. These membranes boast a density of 0.2 μm. They permit water molecules to pass through while employing ultrafiltration to effectively block fungi, Legionella, pseudomonas, and various other waterborne bacteria. This guarantees that the water flowing from your tap is devoid of harmful molds and bacteria.

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